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What are Sassy-Wraps?
Sassy-Wraps are beautiful, luxurious scarves, handmade from the finest Italian and French specialty ribbon, using a technique I developed. Each one is different and they are all designed to showcase the beauty and texture of the ribbon. From simple and subtle to simply outrageous, each exquisite neckwrap is a wearable work of art. Scarves are THE must have fashion accessory right now - and Sassy-Wraps can be worn year round, they are very lightweight, even for summer. If you enjoy standing out in a crowd and not blending in, these are for you- everyone will notice this "one of a kind" addition to your wardrobe.  The Darling Diva Collection will satisfy even the most discriminating fashionista ~ wrap yourself up in one and you will feel like a goddess!!
About Me
My passion for fashion was inspired and encouraged by my Mother, who gifted me with my first sewing machine and taught me to sew at the tender age of 5. ( see picture) Mom was an accomplished seamstress and her expertise provided invaluable instruction as I learned the craft. Before long, I started making clothing and accessories for myself, and have been doing so for over 40 years. Regardless of what I have made and worn throughout the years, nothing has ever generated more buzz than these scarves.  After numerous inquiries about how to obtain one, in 2009 I launched Sassy-Wraps and was excited to offer them for the first time in a public venue. I set up a Sassy-Wraps Facebook page. Later in the year I added this website, and did a couple local craft fairs.  Everything I needed (all supplies, materials, and finished product inventory) fit in 2 big boxes, which I would drag around with me wherever I went. 
3 years later~
Today, I work in a fully equipped design studio; a beautiful and functional space where I often spend 12-15 hours a day, blissfully surrounded by exotic ribbon and losing all track of time. I love what I do, and I'm doing what I love for the first time in my life, and I truly believe that is necessary for any business to prosper.
In just 3 short years, I am thrilled that Sassy-Wraps are now available in more than a dozen galleries and boutiques throughout East TN, and in Asheville, NC . See our Facebook page for details about each location.

I am so grateful for women all across the country who share my enthusiasm for Sassy-Wraps.  You validate me as a fiber artist and inspire me to continue to grow as a designer to accomodate your needs.
From Beverly Hills to Church Hill, Hot Springs to Palm Springs, Mt Carmel to Mt Rushmore-  Ultimately  we all want the same thing- to put something on that makes us feel pretty. I love watching someone try on a Sassy-Wrap for the first time and looking in a mirror - her face radiates with a softer expression, posture improves, and an air of confidence is exuded almost immediately. Those are the most gratifying moments for me.  One lady exclaimed  "I feel like a movie star with this on!"   Bravo~ I've done my job.
Debbi Maupin, Creator of Sassy-Wraps 
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